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Collectables Display Case

Get your Next Collectables Display Case from Kollecta Displays

Being a passionate collector of model trains, cars or anything else is one thing. However, finding a way to house your ever-growing collection neatly and securely is quite another. If you are in the market for a collectables display case that provides organisation, safety, and attractive display of your collection, a collectables display case from Kollecta Displays is just what you need.


Keeping your precious cars, trains or planes in a collectables display cabinet ensures that they are always safely stored within easy reach optimally displayed for your enjoyment and that of your guests or customers.

What You Should Know About Our Display Cabinet for Collectables

When it comes to displaying your collectables, aesthetics and quality are the two non-negotiable aspects. What’s the point if it doesn’t look good? Also, it doesn’t help if it is pretty but ineffective at keeping your hard-won collection safe and sound.

  • We use the best quality MDF and acrylic in manufacturing our display cabinets, carefully crafting display solutions that tick all the boxes whether you are a private collector or a collectables sales concern. Our cabinets are strong enough to keep your collection safe and well-designed for optimal aesthetic effect.

  • We offer a wide range of standard display cabinet options for all types of collectables, be they model cars, trains, planes, or anything else. Should one of our standard options not quite fulfil your requirements, we are happy to design and build a custom solution for you.

  • Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience building highly effective and eye-catching display fixtures for various industries. We complete our projects with the utmost attention to detail.


Why Choose Kollecta Displays for Your Display Case for Collectables

We have combined our extensive knowledge of display fixture design and manufacturing with our passion for collectables, thereby providing collectors and collectable sales concerns alike the solutions they need to display their items effectively.

  • Our convenient online shop offers you a user friendly, secure shopping experience. You can take your time and decide which display solution will work best for your precious collection.

  • Our products come in a wide variety of colours and sizes, completely customisable to suit your requirements for displaying your collection.

  • We offer secure countrywide shipping, ensuring that your display solution gets to you quickly and in perfect condition.

About Kollecta Displays

We started Kollecta after noticing a distinct lack of display solutions for the collectable community on the market. Utilising our years of experience in designing and manufacturing display fixtures and furniture, we set about creating a range of display cabinets that optimally display collectables while keeping them safe and well protected.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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