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Hot Wheels Display Case

Exhibit Your Collection Proudly With a Hot Wheels Display Case

Displaying your collection of Hot Wheels proudly in a Hot Wheels display case is like framing a painting, and the art just looks better, especially with accentuating lighting. Hot Wheels are a thing of beauty that brings back many fond memories for collectors. They combine art and function in a compact package that provides hours of fun and appreciate in value. There are many highly valued Hot Wheels, such as the first ten years of production known as the red-line cars for the red stripe on the tyre. There is a Hot Wheels car to suit practically any personality, from movie cars that look great in a media room to beautiful concept cars that make for an attractive focal point in any room.

Useful Hot Wheels Display Ideas

Hot Wheels spark the imagination, so how they are displayed should be interesting. Simply lining them up on a random shelf or, heaven forbid, putting them in a closet deprives you of the pleasure you get from looking at them in all their glory and noticing a car you would otherwise not have.

  • Work with a theme. Displaying movie cars in your media room with vintage movie posters will add a unique touch to the room. The main thing to remember here is to blend your display with the room's overall aesthetic, so it doesn’t just look like storage.

  • Contextualise your collection with images and models in the display that reflect the real world. A pit stop scene around your Ed Shaver Custom AMX (1970), a beach scene behind your Pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb (1969) or a shining bat signal behind your Batman Batmobile are only a few ideas. You can unify the display by using only one series in a display case for Hot Wheels and contextualising the complete collection for a unified look.

  • Accentuating lighting will eliminate shadows and emphasise the details on your detailed Hot Wheels collection. We recommend LED lights because they give a clear white light keeping the focus on the cars. Running LED strip lighting around the edges of your display cabinet for Hot Wheels is an effective strategy, or you can get creative by arranging the lights into patterns or making them flash on the beat of the music.

  • Raised display platforms in your Hot Wheels case will give the feel of an auto show or dealer showroom and use the vertical space. Using raised platforms, especially angled ones, on a display shelf for Hot Wheels will allow you to put the display higher on the wall while still seeing them properly.


Custom Hot Wheels Display Ideas

You can get creative with a custom Hot Wheels display. If you can imagine it, you can do it. The room where you'll be putting the collection and how much space you have are important factors to consider which may rule out a mass-produced Hot Wheels display shelf or case. You may also have a specific vision.

  • Magnetic strips on the wall where you stick the cars will give a minimalist look and save space in rooms in short supply like a home office.

  • Use round Acrylic pipe sections and arrange them in attractive shapes like the shape of the country the cars come from. You can further use coloured Acrylic and lighting to customise it even further.

  • Build the display cabinet around a theme like Beach vehicles displayed in a surfboard-shaped cabinet or track vehicles in a chequered flag case.

  • Create a rustic feel by using old wood cases and crates like Coca-Cola crates and adding Acrylic shelves. Using any recycled wood to build a case with Acrylic shelves will look striking.

Kollecta Displays Have Everything You Need

We have been in the display business for 16 years and know how to make your collection look good. All our displays are hand-built to the highest quality standard in house. We can build custom displays for the collector who wants something unique, making us a one-stop-shop for your model car display needs. We are one of the leading suppliers of display products in Australia so don't hesitate to contact us.

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