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LEGO Display Case

Guard Your Collection with a LEGO Display Case

The collectable LEGO minifig series are a great hit with everyone, especially parents who rediscover the joy of these fun building toys along with their children. However, a serious problem will quickly be realised, and that is that kids can’t keep their hands off your precious collections. The obvious solution is a quality LEGO display case in your study or office, where your prized acquisitions won't get mixed up with their standard minifigs.

Choose the Right Display Case for LEGO Minifigs

On the whole, most minifig collections tend to fall into one of two categories: the collectable LEGO minifig series and collecting all the various minifigs from sets, including the plethora of minute variations. Our display cases cater for both of these types of collections, as there is a difference in how the case is configured, which is explained below in more detail:

  • In a collection comprising of the standard minifigs from sets, the little guys and gals are mostly displayed without large accessories. This makes the display case layout easier, as each cubicle must only accommodate a standard minifig. We have several sizes of display cabinets available, depending on the number of minifigs in your collection. We also understand that a specific spot in the display cabinet for LEGO can’t be assigned to one minifig, as most collectors want to keep variations of the same character together, and a new set with new minifigs are constantly being released.

  • The collectable minifig series is often difficult to accommodate in a standard display case, as the unique accessories of each minifig form an integral part of the overall completeness of the collection. A display case is then often custom designed for a particular series, and the cubicles arranged in such a manner to make optimal use of the available space, as we know that wall space may be limited.

  • A highly transparent front is essential for the LEGO display box, as it will prevent random movement and disappearances of valuable minifigs from the collection. Yet this door panel must also be easy to remove for thorough cleaning inside and out and to enable access to the minifigs for rearrangement and cleaning.

Keep Sets Intact with a LEGO Display Cabinet

LEGO is increasingly gaining popularity with its Ideas and Exclusives sets aimed at adult builders, as well as the ever-popular Themes and franchise-related sets. Building these sets are an achievement in themselves, apart from the great fun of the whole process. Displaying such a set requires something solid in which to place it; otherwise people will continuously touch and move pieces around because it’s a normal thing to do!

  • The LEGO sets designed for display come in a variety of sizes. This means that each set requires a custom case for optimal display and to minimise its footprint on the shelf. We are more than willing to custom-make the right case for your particular sets if you provide us with the necessary measurements. (You may also send us the sets, as we'd love to play with them.)

  • A huge benefit of custom designing a display cabinet is that it can incorporate various aspects of LEGO collecting. We can add cubicles for additional minifigs to the display shelf or space for the original box. The purpose of LEGO is to constantly think of ways to improve a particular set or to use it for story-telling, which is why we prefer to manufacture the set display case according to your specifications.

What You Should Know About Kollecta Displays

Our business started as an off-shoot of our own hobby, and once people saw the quality of the cases in which we displayed our model cars, they asked us to make some for them. The business grew from its infancy in 2003 to one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of residential and commercial display products. There is simply no other option for a LEGO display case in Australia than our products.

  • The cabinets are from quality medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and acrylic sheets. Everything is cut to size and grooved using precision industrial machines, which always ensures a tight fit between components and therefore will not place your valuable collection at risk of falling apart. A display box for LEGO is sold assembled and ready to be mounted against the wall.

  • The MDF is sprayed with primer and can be painted in any colour to fit into your existing colour scheme. The acrylic is usually clear, but we can also use any standard colours available on the local market. This has a massive potential for personalising a theme-related display shelf for a LEGO collection.

  • We also manufacture display cabinets for miniature cars, accommodating the various standard scales currently available. Our cabinets can also be used to display other collectables, including porcelain figurines, action men and thimbles.


Kollecta Displays is located in Sunshine, Victoria, and our display products are available directly from our workshop, or we can arrange delivery to almost anywhere in Australia using fast reliable, and economical transport solutions. We are proud of our products and offer a standard warranty against defective materials and workmanship.


Contact us today to discuss your next LEGO display shelf and why you should get one for the kids too.

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