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Model Car Displays

Buy Model Car Displays to Keep Your Collection Safe

A passion for cars can become a costly hobby that most people do not have the cash for. With our model car displays, you can still become a car collector at an affordable price, and you get to brag with your collection that will only take up minimal wall space in your hallway or study. We can provide you with different styles and sizes, depending on the size of the cars that you collect.


There is a story about the price of a bottle of water at the supermarket, the gym, a fancy hotel and at the corner café – the bottle contains the same liquid, but the price differs, so go where you are appreciated and where people see your value. It is the same with a collection; cars hidden in a cupboard or scattered everywhere, or worse, being used as a toy, will never come to their right as a pristine collection that you have worked so long to complete.

How To Use a Display Case for Model Cars

Right now, you might have a fantastic collection of model cars that are scattered all over your house, and it just does not do them justice. Not to mention little hands that may want to play with the cars like toys and not prized possessions. Buying a model car display cabinet for your collection will elevate your collection to new heights, and you can display its worth to visitors eager to see the different models you have. Never let the kid in you die. What better way to keep it alive than through mini cars? Here is how to go about choosing and setting up your display:

  • Our displays are ready-made, and you can easily see if the display box for model cars will fit into your space - we display the specs, colour, and material. Our cases are all available in wood with acrylic shelves and a front protective display.

  • Our displays come ready with holes to mount against your wall. Do make sure that you measure the exact space you have available, as estimates can be very deceiving and lead to disappointment.

  • We have been a leading supplier of display fixtures and cases since 2003, and we know what is needed for easy setup so you can quickly assemble and pack out your model cars.

  • We supply to residential and commercial sectors from our HQ in Victoria. We bring our products to you all over Australia with fast, economical transport solutions.

  • Our displays contain wooden sides and a back panel to mount to the wall. We secure all the panels safely to hold weight and stand the test of time once you mount the model car display case to your wall in Australia.


We have a friendly team ready to answer any questions you might have about warranties or delivery information.

Other Uses for Our Display Cabinet for Model Cars

You may have given away your prized collection, or you have outgrown them, but you still have the display case on your wall. Here are a few ideas of alternatives for a model car display case and how to reuse it for another purpose:

  • Hot wheels. Hot wheels are back again and a craze for kids and adults alike. Start a new hobby with your kids by playing with and collecting Hot Wheels.

  • Protect your artifacts from your many trips around the world or start a new hobby by buying a figurine, gnome, or vase from every town you visit, creating a wall of memories to return to at any time.

  • Put delicate items on display such as paper fans, handcrafted glass, or Swarovski figurines where eager hands can’t get to it and only admire from afar.

  • Create a new piece of art. Different coloured and sized glass bottles, plates, or wooden objects can make an attractive focal piece for a room and give your creativity a chance to take flight.

  • Start a shop from home. You can use your display cases to feature a line of cosmetic products, fragile decor pieces, tiny figurines, or other collectables such as golf balls or caps to give it a more sophisticated, valuable look and feel.

About Kollecta Displays

We have been around the block, and we love our collections so much that we wanted to share our model car display box options with you. You, too, can proudly put them on display for the world to enjoy and bring some colour into your life to inspire your hobby.


Our physical shop in Victoria is open Monday to Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday mornings 8 am – 12 pm. Contact us if you want a specific size or colour that we do not have available in our online store at the moment, and we will gladly assist.

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