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Model Trains Display

Kollecta Displays: Professional Commercial and Residential Model Trains Display Units

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist or a professional business looking for the ideal way to display your wares, you’ve come to the right place. We build beautiful model trains display units designed to optimally show off your precious trains or cars while keeping them safe and out of harm’s way.


For those of us who love our model trains or cars, the ultimate challenge has always been finding a way of putting them on display to enhance and highlight their beauty while keeping them safe at the same time. Of course, space is always an issue as well. Finding a display case for model trains that is as unobtrusive as it is attractive has never been easy – until now, that is.

What You Can Expect from Kollecta Displays Regarding Display Case for Model Trains

You get two kinds of collectors–those who like to keep their beloved models privately under lock and key. Then some want the world to see the collection they’ve spent so much time and money on maintaining and growing. Finding the ultimate way in which to display your collection has always proven challenging, though.

  • We manufacture unique and beautiful top-quality display solutions for commercial shops and residential collectors alike. Our display solutions are designed and made to match and highlight your collection's superior quality and beauty.

  • Choose from our extensive range of display cases or let us do a custom design based on your requirements. Made from top-quality MDF and acrylic, our display cases are not only good looking - they are also strong, providing the ultimate protection for your displayed items.

  • We have a wide array of finishes and optional extras available. We can make your display case in any number of colours to fit the room and the displayed items perfectly. We are always ready with sound and practical advice regarding the most effective ways of displaying your models.


What Sets Kollecta Displays Apart Regarding a Display Case for Model Trains

Model collecting is serious business for those of us who are active on the scene whether you share your collection with others or keep it solely for your pleasure. Unfortunately, running out of space becomes a real issue rather quickly as your collection grows. Keeping your models safe and conveniently at hand without taking over your house has always been the primary problem of the collector.

  • We are avid collectors ourselves. We pride ourselves on creating display solutions that are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and of outstanding quality.

  • Our love for model collecting and years of experience in creating displays for the retail industry puts us in the perfect position to create highly effective, eye-catching shop displays that will draw and focus your customers' attention on your products.

  • We offer fast turnaround times and secure, reliable countrywide shipping, ensuring that your display cabinets reach you in short order.

About Kollecta Displays

We’ve been manufacturing display fixtures and furniture since 2003 and have, in that time, gained a reputation for doing excellent quality work at affordable prices. Our customers know they can always count on us.


Contact us today for more information.

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